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Across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight services are provided across five local talking therapy providers who work in collaboration with each other.

Our talking therapies services include, online computer based therapy, group therapy and workshops and self help tools. There are also services provided after assessment for your mental wellbeing and needs, these are subject to clinical slot availability.

Scroll down to find out which services are available to you by using the local provider search or viewing the list of providers.

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Service providers list

Talking Therapies Hampshire

Previously known as italk.

Covers most of the Hampshire area (excluding IOW, North East Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton).

Talking Therapies Portsmouth

Previously known as Talking Change.

Covers the Portsmouth area.

Talking Therapies IOW

Previously known as IsleTalk IAPT.

Covers the Isle of Wight.

Talking Therapies Southampton

Known as Steps2Wellbeing.

Covers the Southampton area.

Talking Therapies North East

Known as TalkPlus.

Covers the Rushmoor, Hart and Farnham area.

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